Kim's Healthy Organic Kitchen 
   ​​Noshing for Vitality.

Eat enthusiastically for a healthy, strong and active life!     

By eating the foods that Mother Earth has strategically provided for us you can live without the chronic diseases that plagues our society. You can achieve that healthy weight your body requires for you to be strong and thrive.
The Key is to change your focus to eating fresh, organic, and mostly plant based foods. When you choose to make this way of eating a part of your lifestyle, your body will respond by giving you vibrant health and the energy to get your body moving for a happy and active life.



A little background. 
My name is Kim Parsons and I am a Holistic Nutrition Consultant. My heartfelt desire is to show you that by making some simple changes to the way you look at and consume food you can live happy, healthy, and vibrant lives. 
  1. Spring 2016 Weighed 143 lbs
  2. Christmas 2013 198 LBS
You can see from my before and after pictures that I understand how hard it can be to lose weight and tackle health issues. That said, once I realized the key was in my food choices it changed my life forever.

My transformation began with the tips and recipes I'm sharing with you on the  Health Tips & Recipes page.

For more details on my transformation process. Check out "​​​​ My History " page. 
"You have to let go of who you were, to become who you will be."  - Janet Fitch