My Healthy Journey! 

"We don't reach the mountaintop from the mountaintop. We start at the bottom and climb up. Blood is involved. " - Cheryl Strayed
I have not always been healthy persons. Besides the fact that I have struggled with emotional eating off and on throughout my life. I also struggled with overindulging in rich, mouthwatering, delicious, food and alcohol for more than twenty years.

I love to cook! I find it therapeutic and relaxing to chop and prepare all the ingredients for a delicious homemade meal. However after sitting in front of my work computer and going to meetings off and on for eight to nine  hours a day, all I wanted to do most of the time was come home and sit on the couch and binge watch my favorite programs each night and order in delivery or go out to eat. 

My love for cooking made it very frustrating and depressing for me when I wasn't up for it after a long workday. On those rare occasions when I did find the energy after work or on the weekends to cook. I loved making and still do from time to time, those fun, fancy, and very decadent meals shown on the Food Network or by chefs like Julia Childs. I was in cooking heaven when I was making: beef bourguignon, rack of lamb with a Cabernet mushroom sauce, chicken Marsala with home made buttery garlic bread, and lobster mac and cheese... just to name a few faves. ​

As a result of eating all of my favorite super rich foods, along with eating out at restaurants, picking up fast food, or having chinese delivered, I gained a ridiculous amount of weight (50 pounds)! For a five foot four inch woman of medium build that's a heck of a lot of weight! 

I developed acid reflux, IBS, and Candida. Then to top it all off, I began to have some serious pain from the arthritis I had developed in my hands, feet, lower back, and hips. It was depressing and often debilitating. After several years of feeling like crap most days I decided I had enough. I hated the way I felt and looked and was ready to do something about it! 

So I started researching different health sites and found FMTV (Food Matters TV) and watched the life altering  documentaries they have on how our food is making us sick. I also stumbled on to author Kris Carr  who wrote Crazy Sexy Diet amongst several other helpful books, along with Dr. Michael Greger from  and found a world of information on how to eat my way back to that healthier younger me I had forgotten about. 

I realized at this point that I was hooked on making plant based eating a big part of my lifestyle and wanted to help others do the same. I found an online Nutritionist certification course through the, American Fitness Professionals and Associates. It gave me the tools I needed to rethink the way I buy, prepare and cook my food.

Today I'm 50 pounds lighter and still droping, I rarely feel any pain from my arthritis issues and the Acid reflux and IBS are gone. I feel 200% better; I am now a morning person and have energy to take on my days. My skin is clearer and more vibrant and the foggy brain I used to have, has disappeared.

I believe that if you find yourself feeling any of the same issues I was, please follow my blog so that I can help provide the tools for you to find your way back to a healthier you too.